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Cancer Sucks ’08

February 21, 2008


What a perfect way to spend a Tuesday night- supporting a good cause, listening to upbeat music by local bands, and beer for those over 21! The first Cancer Sucks benefit concert was held Tuesday night at Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro.

A trio of bands: The Future Kings of Nowhere, The Sammies and The Honored Guests, volunteered their time to perform at the concert. All proceeds raised from the concert planned by UNC-Chapel Hill senior, Amy Bugno, went to Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society.

Cat’s Cradle charged $250 for the sound equipment, and with tickets at $5 a pop, Bungo said that she hoped to raise a few thousand dollars. By 10 p.m. there were more than 100 members of the audience, meaning $250 of had already been raised. There was also a stand set up selling Relay For Life and band memorabilia as well as pizza for $1 per slice (again benefiting Relay For Life). T-shirts saying “cancer sucks” and “Great Breasts are worth fighting for” sold for $12 apiece or two for $20.

As the Event Chair for the UNC-Chapel Hill chapter of Relay For Life, Bugno came up with the idea for the concert after finding out that Relay would no longer be receiving money from the Breakfast with Roy fundraiser. Bugno says other fundraising events in the works include a bar night on February 21 at Coffee Shop, a barbecue with a fraternity, a campus outreach event about skin cancer awareness on March 3 — before everyone leaves on spring break, and a dodgeball tournament in April.

Of course Relay’s biggest event of the year is the actual Relay itself. This years event at UNC-Chapel Hill will be held on March 28 at 6 p.m. on Fetzer Field-Belk Track.