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February 8, 2008

Almost everyone is affected by cancer in one way or another.  Whether you have cancer yourself or know a cancer patient, victim or survivor, cancer is a topic constantly on our minds. The hope for this blog is to provide stories and information about cancer, outline research and philanthropic efforts being conducted in the area and provide a network of support for people in need.

Profile of cancer in North Carolina:

Heart disease, cancer, stroke and chronic lung disease are the leading causes of death in this state, according to the N.C. Department of Health and Human Resources Division of Public Health. These chronic diseases account for 58 percent of all deaths in N.C.

According to the Health Profile of North Carolinians: 2007 Update, 16,675 North Carolinians died of cancer in 2005 alone. Of these deaths, 5,253 were due to lung cancer, 1,483 were caused by cancer of the colon and rectum, 1,262 were due to breast cancer, 949 were caused by pancreatic cancer, and 787 were by prostate cancer. These deaths account for 22.4 percent of deaths by the top 10 leading causes of death in the state.

This same report estimates that 40 percent of North Carolinians will develop cancer in their lifetime. In 2006, more than 40,800 North Carolinians were projected to receive a cancer diagnosis, which equates to approximately 112 new cases each day.

Death tolls from this disease can be reduced if cancer is diagnosed at an early stage. The hope for this blog is to provide information relating to cancer in order to minimize the risks and maximize the understanding.