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Spotlight on: Cancer Centers of North Carolina

April 17, 2008

With five locations around the Triangle, 17 knowledgeable physicians and 26 years of experience, Cancer Centers of North Carolina offers treatment facilities, clinical trials, and personalized care for local cancer patients.

What was started by Dr. William Berry as Raleigh Hematology Oncology on June 1, 1979,  has now grown to be associated with US Oncology, Wake Medical Center, Rex Hospital, and Duke Health Raleigh Hospital

The mission of the Cancer Centers of North Carolina is to “enhance the quality of life for people touched by cancer.” The experienced professionals at the Cancer Centers fulfil this goal not only by providing top of the line treatment services but also by their level of compassion for both patients, families and friends of cancer victims.

Services provided by the Cancer Centers of North Carolina include: medical oncology, chemotherapy, radiation oncology, surgery, diagnostic radiology and hematology. Also on-site are clinical laboratory trials which examine bodily fluids in order to detect, diagnose and make advances in treatment, and an educational pharmacy which aims to inform not only patients but other doctors and nurses.

Perhaps more importantly, Cancer Centers provides a comphrensive resource center about 20 different types of cancer, support groups,  social and physical issues that cancer patients and their family’s face, and ways that people can protect patient’s rights.

If you or a loved one is interested in seeking treatment at Cancer Centers of North Carolina, ask your primary physician for a referral so that Cancer Centers has access to your medical documents.